What Amazon Could Learn From Google in New York City

By Winnie Hu and J. David Goodman

Not long after Google moved into the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan, its billionaire co-founder, Sergey Brin, went on a private tour of the old elevated freight line that would become the celebrated High Line.

Mr. Brin looked over the barren landscape that wo...

How Google Tracks Your Personal Information

When lazy journalists are pessimistic about Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home, they say stuff like: “Even Orwell couldn’t have predicted that we’d willingly bring Big Brother into our own homes.”

What they fail to mention is our willingness to exchange privacy for convenience didn’t start with the adve...

Apple’s App Store Is the Monopoly You Want

Class-action lawsuits do not always represent the will or best interest of the people. Such is the case with Apple Inc. v. Pepper, a several years old antitrust case against Apple that simply refuses to die. A loss for Apple in this case would mean greater confusion and worse options for consumers o...

The Seductive Diversion of ‘Solving’ Bias in Artificial Intelligence

The rise of Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, and Facebook as the world’s most valuable companies has been accompanied by two linked narratives about technology. One is about artificial intelligence — the golden promise and hard sell of these companies. A.I. is presented as a potent, pervasive, un...

A.I. and the Problem of Context

Machines are notoriously awful at classification—but so are humans

Classification is the brain fuel that powers behavior. People often prefer to call it by more grandiose names—identification, judgment, prejudice, conclusion—but whatever the analog, human brains rarely take a conscious step witho...

Goodbye, Object Oriented Programming

I’ve been programming in Object Oriented languages for decades. The first OO language I used was C++ and then Smalltalk and finally .NET and Java.

I was gung-ho to leverage the benefits of Inheritance, Encapsulation, and Polymorphism. The Three Pillars of the Paradigm.

I was eager to gain the pr...

Amazon now has its own version of Java: Corretto

Amazon now has its own version of Java

With its Corretto 8 Java build, Amazon Web Services is readying its own no-cost distribution of standard Java featuring long-term support, giving Java users a potential alternative to Oracle’s own Java Development Kit (JDK).

The open source Corretto distribution of OpenJDK currently is in bet...

Programming Languages

Dumb - that's the only word to describe computers, because they know only two things: zero and one. But they manipulate those bits so quickly, they can accomplish useful tasks. In fact, some early computers were programmed by setting sequences of ones and zeros on front-panel switches.

That's clear...

Introduction to Neural Networks

To begin with, a neuron is the basic unit of the brain and it helps transmit information from one nerve cell to another.

Main parts:

Synapse: a structure that permits a neuron (or nerve cell) to pass an electrical or chemical signal to another neuron
Axon: slender projection of a nerve cell, or neu...



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